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Reviews for "Air Break"

"oh, I was thinking like...a fresh air break!"

awesome, there's something gross about your drawings that creep me out like all good cartoons really should.


honestly? it was freaking hilarious! i lost my shit at the end, and started lkaughing so hard that i cried xD
great work

I understood the joke and appreciated the animation, but it wasn't as funny as I was expecting. I liked the build up TO the last part, but the punchline needed to give more of an impact.

Now by impact...I'm not saying improve your animation, art, or delivery. That was spot on. It was the joke itself that needed a bit more work. I saw it all coming.

I would have rather the punchline be something else COMPLETELY unexpected, such as him...idk, punching his boss in the face and running outside, or suing. Just...something I couldn't see from a mile away. D:

Still, it seems like I'm in the minority. I see a lot of 5s and "AWESOME MAN!!!" comments, haha. And I'm glad others got a lot of enjoyment from it. But to me, this was slightly amusing, but didn't quite live up to the standards it was set up to have. (Front page Newgrounds, made by Riceman.)

at first i thought i was watching a c&h short
well done, sir
video 5/5
audio 5/5
twas a tad short maybe