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Reviews for "Romney Killed My Family"

I think the point has been lost upon most of you guys. This is pointing fun at the ridiculous claims against Romney and Ryan. Great animation overall

A good satire on the whole political happening. I liked the music. The animation was also pretty good. Great humour, but I think you may get some negative feedback from all the republicans who don't like Obama. Anyway, great animation.


People are looking too much into the politics of this thing, which I guess is what people usually do, but it's still annoying. If this were talking about Obama and Biden instead of Romney and Ryan, the joke would be exactly the same. And it's a damn funny joke, too- this could almost be a real political ad.

good work son, this flash reminded me somehow of south park and some things made me laugh out loud.

one thing that was a bit off for me was the mouth movement but hey good work im tired