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Reviews for "Romney Killed My Family"

this is friking weird



I enjoyed this. I think it does an excellent job of satirizing poltical ads in general. I've seen ads from both sides that are full of logical fallcies and intellectual dishonesty and as far as I can tell this is poking fun at them by resulting to the extreme. The extreme being that Romney killed somebody's wife which is most likely completely absurd. And no, to those that consider this liable. This would not be considered defamation (encompasses liable and slander together) in the majority of cases if not all. A public official like Romney would first have to prove that this flash was made with reckless disregard for the truth or with intent to do harm. He'd also have to prove other things as well before it would be considered defamation. In any court, this ridiculousness of this cartoon is obvious and a person's complaints would be thrown out. If this wasn't the case, any comedian that satirized candidates could be considered for defamation. In any case, this flash is excellent satire. Good job, author.

Not only is it good to see how your skills have improved over time while retaining your style, but you are one of the best on Newgrounds at putting in a joke that's so disturbing there's no option but to laugh. The last scene is a classic. Glad to see this got front page. Glad to see you are still putting out some of the best of the most disturbing.