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Reviews for "Romney Killed My Family"

So you must have a good legal defence. How you won't get sued by both sides will be surprising.

Lmao, so ur saying Mitt Romney is like a flipping ninja? XD

You should be finding this funny regardless of your political affiliation >_>. This is about how bad political ads are getting, people! Say no to mud slinging....vote Mickey Mouse this election season.

i hate election years grown men throwing dirt at eachother trying to convince you to vote for them cause there not as bad as the other guy and people actually buy in to this crap elections have turned into who has the most money and the worst dirt it doesn't even matter if these fucking people can do the job frankly were fucked either way all we can do is sit and wait till the country is so screwed that we either move away or get invaded cause we can't get our shit together. all in all though the animation was decent and the audio was alright

This was simply hilarious, a great parody of the original ad. I especially loved how he ate the carrot at the end. Also, whoever think this is anti-Romney is pretty stupid. If anything, this rips more on Obama than Romney