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Reviews for "Romney Killed My Family"

That was fucking stupid. Obama been raping all of us since he became president. At least Romney is against abortion. That alone makes him better, not saying he is a great guy, both are polititians I wouldn't trust my kid around them, or my money but for now Romney is the lesser of evil compared to obama.

Also Obama has pretty much lied about everything he has ever said. He controlls the media and edits everything!

A good animation, somewhat controversial, but it makes it all the more interesting to see what people make of this. I find that it, rather than proposing one candidate over another, expresses just how ridiculous this form of campaigning is. Perhaps people will eventually learn that although punching below the belt allows you to win, it will be all the more reason for others to do it to you too.

Well anyway, a nice animation you made there.

Well ok Obama then... I dont want to vote for a rapist.

not loke voting ever mattered anyway

I don't know whether to blam this or five it... Ah well. Natural selection takes it's course.