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Reviews for "Romney Killed My Family"

Altough Obama is not the best, I reccomend you all vote for him. Simply because Obama is going to end the war on drugs, and because he isn't Mitt Romney.

Left or right you're getting fucked in the middle of your ass anyway !

Let's rape the gouvernement with vegetables !!

This is a great parody of how campaign ads go too far sometimes. I loved it.

The video its self was quite nice it is simply not an effective way to convey your ideas BUT God Damn Man, Ever Heard of Reductio ad absurdum. If all you have to due with you life is tout logical fallacies, than please refrain from doing so This Video simply portrays democrats as doing the same as you. so next time please think about who you are representing; however, this is a very common fallacy politicians use.

Hail to democracy!
The last help for America is a guy from austria.
Here in germany it helped one time....
Well at least after his death germany wasn't able to have war with anyone.
You should vote Arnold Schwarzenegger as Führer of the USA!
Heil Schwarzenegger!