Reviews for "Rot Gut"

I enjoyed this game. Nice little run and gun, mafioso style. Cut-scenes were kept short enough to not interfere with game-play and there was a decent variety of baddies to kill. Each weapon had its moments, pistol for sniping, shotgun was powerful but could easily get outranged in later levels, and automatic for mowing down everything in your path. There were alright boss fights, but I felt they were too easy, no real fear of dying against either of then. I liked searching and finding hidden treasure, and I found that using my money to use the "slot machine" was always the best choice. After the first two or three levels, I was never even close to running out while spamming the two better weapons. Maybe the ammo drops should be reduced a bit, to encourage conservation. Other than that, make it so the boss fights are a little more harrowing. Good work! 9/10

This really was an awesome game. Great to see it here. It would have been awesome to have more of a detective/adventure element to it. 4 stars!

it's a good platformer, the music is great and its nostalgic to 8 bit games. but i cannot play the game properly, it lags so badly. it goes at 1 to 2 frames a second. otherwise i think i might have enjoyed it.

Amazing game. Fun and challenging. I particularly liked the music, which kept a nice tone throughout without getting annoying. Only problem was that the sound didn't sync with the cutscenes for me. Minor complaint, though.

I like it :)