Reviews for "Rot Gut"

This was a fun interesting game! You brought back alot of nostalgia on what games were meant back then and what it feels and means to be a gamer. The setting was very original on playing a rough and tumble agent while foiling the schemes of illegal booze runners. Taking on enemies that are nostalgic and old school in their old environments. Now the game is near perfect in fun side-scrolling entertainment like that of the 8-bit era on say the NES but there are sadly some minor glitches that make the game a bit tricky in some parts. However there minor and don't disrupt the game play too much but just in occasion. The graphics were cute and nostalgic and the music for level to level makes you feel like your playing something from back in the late eighties or early nineties. You have three weapons to wield in order to bring the smack down on organized crime. Not only that but the game has two bosses to beat up on including the recurring "Muscle Door Man" of the cheesy, swanky fiends that are causing disruption and discord in your agent's fair city. The mini movies within the game was again a shout-out to eary games in the past. My favorite part that was both adorable and original was the agent's encountering of some deadly guard dogs (virtually almost like a nod to many other games like Pac-Man). Again I really enjoyed the game, I really did. It feels like an indie game from how it was made to a great extent and you took some special care and time in order to craft it. For brining me such old joy within my mind and heart I'm bestowing you a very great score. A 4 in a half out of 5. And a 5/5 in voting power. I hope you've enjoyed this review and the score given to you, Again you really deserved it for making such a fun, cute, great game. Have a splendid day to you. Good day!

A spectacular game! All the features you mentioned were clearly noticeable but for a game with such atmosphere the music was a little too happy in my opinion. Other then that it was astounding, I liked the art style, the gameplay and even the music was great it just did´t fit right. Keep up the great work and please make more of these.

Incredibly Amazing Game...

Awesome, loved the whole game, the art is simple and looks great and the music isn't borin, also the gameplay is amazing!

Nice atmosphere and maniability, maybe a bit easy but, really enjoyed the game. Well done !