Reviews for "Knightmare Tower"

Awesome game that takes the normal game type"shoot something and try to get as higher as possible". In this game, you shoot a knight but with two original adds:

*Attack> you are able to attack monsters while in the air so you earn more money
*Jump> every time you kill a monster you speed up and also get higher (logic)
*Checkpoints> there are checkpoints that you can reach, which will upgrade your game experience

I gave this game 5 stars, thanks to JuicyBeast for giving us the oportunity to play it. Well done!

I would honestly rank this one of the best games i've ever played on newgrounds. or on the internet for that matter. it was simple. extremely simple. but it was a whole barrel of monkeys. i couldnt help but play to finish. i love this game. and i can promise you i'll visit this game more than once and beat it more than once. it's just alot of fun.

awsome best game ever


Those Troll faces made me lough so hard :D