Reviews for "Knightmare Tower"

Just brilliant. So, so, so addictive! Although, I'm finding the medals pretty difficult to get, I guess that aids the longevity of the game :-)

Awesome game. I just wish that there was something you could use your money for when you had bought everything in the store.

amazing game, just like burito bison :p

Simply amazing, the gameplay is really spectacular. I made a strategy that helped me a lot and could help the others:

Upgrades in priority order:
1- Sword
2- Potion
3- Extraction Power/Speed Bonus (Both increase your speed in different ways)
4- Armor
5- Boots
6- Rocket
7- Oil
8- Luck

Now that "Faster than light speed" will be a hard medal to get, but as I say: Challenge Accepted. xD

Juicy, you done it again with your addictive thinking. This is way too addicting. And great.