Reviews for "Knightmare Tower"

Hey, Knightmare Tower addict here...
can't sleep, must unlock all achievements and quests...
lol love it

If you hack the game with Cheat Engine, TrollFace appears!

why cant i go to survival mode?I saved all the princess

great game, but gets repetitive. plus if you retry after getting a perfect launch with the mission get 2 perfect launches in a row, it opens a troll easter egg

Well. The game is FAR too slow paced. It takes far too long to get powerups, and there's just too much cost in getting powerups. It took an hour just to get 5 princess SOLELY because the game wouldn't let me get enough gold to get the right strength powerup. A game like this is meant to last 30 minutes tops.

Not only that, but the game has some terrible physics when using the dashes and sometimes goes right through enemies even though your sword is literally scrapping them. The hit boxes also need some work as I got killed by projectiles that did NOT hit.

And lastly, the game has moments where when there's too much on the screen, it lags out. Even after I turned all the extra things off it recommended, it ended up crashing my flash player.