Reviews for "Knightmare Tower"

Never a bad game!

I'd been playing for the better part of four hours when I finally decided: okay, I've had enough.

Excellent game! I just love the aesthetic of the game and the extremely simple, very well polished mechanics. The graphics were wonderful, as were the sounds and most especially the satisfaction of seeing your enemies sliced and diced by your own sword, and also the appearance of your equipment as you level up. The Bling Bling Armour motif was kind of cliche in my opinion, but gold does denote the highest of the high.

Like I said earlier, excellent mechanics. I love how they were extremely simple and easy to get from the get go, and the progression and challenge of the game was so well done. Never had I felt unfairly overwhelmed by the strength of my enemies, and never thought that the inevitable grinding was unfair to get that next upgrade.

I commend your fine tuning of your system. That must have taken weeks if not months of development.

Lovely story. I enjoy how the whole thing only has dialogue in very sparse locations, but I found myself crying out in triumph every time I burst through a ceiling. Thanks for making that feeling of achievement so fulfilling, most especially with the appearances of his 10 daughters. His highness must really be an advocate of adoption, no? I also enjoyed reaching 25k on story mode and not having a key. My only complaint there was that I did not peel off the ceiling and fall back down to earth.

It's a good sign when even failure is entertaining.

Great survival system. I like how the whole thing is very well paced, challenging, and fun. Though I do feel that by 30k+ the game is making it abundantly clear that that was as far as I could go, I have a wonderful time getting up there.

If I have any more complaints, it is that the first Horn monster is nigh impossible to get completely once you're fully upgraded. His parts simply fall too fast, and I am doubly annoyed that I could kill all of him before I got fully upgraded.

PS. I think the inclusion of Burrito Bison was a tad bit unnecessary.

PPS. This game really lives up to its predecessor. Different styles, yes, but both oh so very much fun and a black hole for time and productivity.

Yet another amazing game by Juicy Beast!

Another winner from Juicy Beast! Love your games, ya'll. The only thing I dislike about this game has to be the lava. It comes up at me pretty fast sometimes. Otherwise, this game is fun, and quite addictive!

Yay ! I got all medals ! This game entertained me for about a month ! More than any average game bought in store !