Reviews for "Knightmare Tower"

Brilliant game, I love killing time on it

Nice game! But the medals was hard to get :P
I really like the style of this game and the upgrade elements of it, great done!
I did save all princess but the game continues, what happens after the last princess if u go higher? is the evil lord up there?
If anyone like see me play here:


The focus lost shit?

INFURIATING. ruined this whole experience for everyone imoi.

why not just force the cursor to stay in the window? huh? ever thought of that? well? that too hard for you to figure out bra? that too complex too ingenious?

flash windows can grab and bound the cursor. right click to get out.

very simple. do it.

A pretty awesome game.
But, 10 daughters?! This king had sex with all the women of his kingdom!