Reviews for "Knightmare Tower"

Played and finished the crap out of this game. Well done! very addictive.

really fun. but its missing some more ideas that pull me in. i do enjoy the design of the monsters and the charaters. keep up the good work

Wonderful job on this one! Love the graphics, the innovation, and of course the upgrades system! Awesome!

How did you make such a perfect game. Damn man...

Interesting mechanics and great upgrades. Its just been a joy to play this for the past hour.
And Im still not done :D On to survival mode!

I agree with the guy below me with the medal thingys but to the review

I love this game it is totally my style really should be an app on iphone and ipad . Very Addicting I remember playng this game like 2 years ago before having my newgrounds account and i was looking in the past features and i found it and remebered OMG this game was amazing so now i am playing with the medals and such. music is great too 5 stars all around