Reviews for "Knightmare Tower"

One of my favorite online games! It's fun, it's action, it's weird mythical creatures, what more could you ask for?! There's a knight, princesses to save, a ton of fun power ups and potions, a SPOILER ALERT!!!-----cameo by Burrito Bison, which I found very clever and funny.----SPOILER OVER. The quests you complete are a bit repetitive at times but they're still fun and gives it more of a challenge and just more to do overall. The boss, to me anyway, was pretty easy. But maybe I just play this game too much. I do like that there's a survival mode and that the survival mode has it's own quests to complete. For me, personally, once you beat all the challenges (or in this game, "Quests"), there's not much more to do especially if you've already beaten the boss, so to see there were some more quests hiding in survival mode gave me another 30-60 minutes of surprised fun. All in all, AWESOME GAME! Recommend it for sure! 4/5!

Excellent game!!! Good job!!

I'm not saying that it's your fault I didn't do anything today besides playing, but it's kinda your fault for making such a great game. Kudos.

now i renamber this game i play it once back 2012 it was diffecult end hard as balls if you mange to beat it lest then a week you will defanty need a 2 weeks of no video games but the question is is it a bad game for being so diffecult or is a good game becouse it has no mursy on the player end ther so mutch shit you haw to deal thet surounds you like being an monster slarer end i gusse sonner or later you devalp PHDT from all the animes end misions agein is a bad game no but is defantly a difical one the only way to beat it is if you comuter starts to lag so you can at lest figure out a strategy to beat it end affter this 2 weeks tim out from gaming you brain needs to chill from all brain overlode in this game belive it duse

It's great. Reminds me of Shrek