Reviews for "Awaken 2: Rise of Heroes"

good game but theres a glitch were you have 1 zombie left but is no where yo be found

this game is rly 1 in a kind i love the lvling up system although u could have add a little bit more lvls/skills but alright when i started playng i thought shit thts fked up cos of the graphics but when i started a little bit i rly liked it and i ended up spending a couple of hours on it which is rly good for a simple flash game
and if anyone likes the defence/tower defence he is going to LOVE this game cos it has even a little bit of strategy and u can customize and move ur character which u cant rly do in almost any of the defence games...
rly love it and it deserves all the 5 stars congrats to the maker

Man i never knew that it was to be continued
and this one realy loads

I really loved the concept, it was very cool. I could tell you actually took some time brainstorming a cool idea and you did your best to execute it. I could EASILY see this being adapted into an xbox live arcade game. It would need some tweaking and slight changes... but I could see my ass controlling 1 soldier over xbox live with a friend and playing this 2 player with some slightly enhanced speed/graphics for hours... days.

The gameplay and controls could be a bit better, but the user interface could use a lot of work - it was VERY hard to understand what all the stuff at the bottom was supposed to mean. Only gonna knock a half star off the score for that, though.

All in all, a less busy and more understandable UI coupled with a quicker (but not more frantic) game speed would make this game pure gold in my book.

Great job.

i just couldn't control anything. felt like i wsn't playin. maybe it just me but i think it could have been move User friendly with the controls.