Reviews for "Awaken 2: Rise of Heroes"

I thought this game was quite fun and challenging. :D lol!

This is a great game, but it just seems almost incomplete. its a great idea making and leveling your own squad but its almost too easy, and its a squad based game with no squad commands i like the command mode where u can tell them what to do all at once but i wish you could group em together like drag and move to cover or gather weapons instead of going back and forth. its a really great idea just needs a tad bit more polish... u got my 4 stars i hope you guys keep up the good work!!! :D

Cool game a bit easy though.

awesome game, but there were a couple things that could have made it even better first fast forward button. two, more levels plz i had all my guys at level 20 around wave 10,3rd there seems to be a glitch near the end were you kill all zombies but it still says there are 2 left. and final boss is called ginger loved that made me pee my self a little, thanks for the awesome game

Nice game dude, but I think that map is too small and you should draw it better
That's because you are n00b V V V