Reviews for "Awaken 2: Rise of Heroes"

Kind of slow, but fun nonetheless.

love it

One of the best games i have played lately, spent about an hour before i realized i had to go to sleep.

It is alright. Just another zombie shooting game. There have been better ones at that. The initial instructions for the upgrade system went too fast for me to even understand them. The art is good and the game does what you tell it to, but having to go to certain locations to heal or get more ammunition while the zombies are chasing you is annoying. A larger amount of time between the waves would help alleviate this problem, but there should also be the option to skip straight to the next wave for people who don't need to prepare. I was also surprised that there were only two men to control in the beginning. You would think that if a zombie infestation was so bad that it required nuclear extermination that there would have been more than two men. So, this game was alright but it could have been a lot better.