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Reviews for "Collect"

Frankly, this is a great game. The concept is really good, the gameplay too, the music is chill and relaxing. The 3.5 is because it's repetitive. For people like me, who haven't passed test 7 after the 41st generation, it's get kinda boring. It's not your fault, it's clearly mine, no offense.

simple but i like it. it didn´t bother me to repeat the tests all over again, since it was about "evolving" to the right generation. also loved the remains of your pathes!

Pretty good game, haven't been able to beat Test 8 yet, on my 36th Generation so far. (7 was a pain.) Only peeve I have is that sometimes the ball will start awkwardly, and after it bounces, the ball will shift a pixel or two, sometimes completely missing plus signs, or in the case of test 8, start completely on the other side of the bar when you shoot down (thus costing you 1~2 bounces due to incorrect placement of the starting point.) Great relaxing music though.

The Game is good if you have nothing else to do ^^

chill music easy game