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Reviews for "Collect"

It mkes sense how you have to start all over again, starting with a new generation of... little ball things, but really it dosen't make for a good game at all. I got so bored, having to do the same thing repeatedly.

simple but i like it. it didn´t bother me to repeat the tests all over again, since it was about "evolving" to the right generation. also loved the remains of your pathes!

Fail, do it all over again. It's kinda annoying game to do everything again and again

Interesting game, but i didn't really enjoy to repeat it again and again. Thought it made my gameplay time slighty longer ofcourse. Still, a good game.

A good game that is lacking. I got to test 8 and had to stop. It's just too slow. The fact that I have to re-do all of the previous tests every time... If there was a speed option to evolve some speed, or better yet, after completing a level 5 times in a row, you could just skip that level from then on. Like, the game would rapidly play the level for you so you could get to the area you were last in. Otherwise it's a solid idea for a game.