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Reviews for "Collect"

A nice idea ruined by the execution. The biggest and most obvious faults:
1) No mute button
2) Have to play the same levels dozens of times to beat the game
3) Doesn't save progress.

Fix those and the game would be a solid four.

Very addicting, it really makes you want to finish it, I spent like a half hour trying to beat it (because I'm a dumbass).

Yeah, maybe it's repetitive, but that's exactly the way I like games. I found this completely original, and I love the graphics. I don't like the music, and really dissapointed me there's no mute function. It took me a while realize that in each level I appeared where I reached the last dot, in the previous level... Maybe it would have been different if I knew so from before, but I finished the game proudly. I even wanted more levels. Anyway, excellent work, in my opinion.

I get the reason to repeat from the start - so players can learn to find the shortest path and save more distance/bounces for later levels.

But it's a bloody nuisance, and it's annoying to play.

I guess by your choice of light ambient music it's supposed to be a causal game, so I hope you can make it more "fun" than "work". Still, a really nice concept and graphics, and I love the music.

Why do I spawn in slightly different places?
In some levels.

amidos2006 responds:

becz u are spawn at the past test position (you continue from previous test)