Reviews for "Robot Boy (El Nino Robot)"

you did the drawings yourself? nice

ErnestoGod responds:

yeap! n__n all the illustrations, backgrounds, drawings, watercolours, edition, all that stuff! ;) hehe thanks!

lmao, sexy electrodomestics, who would have guessed


I would have liked it if it was a bit longer, but I enjoyed it.
It's visually interesting and the rhyming is fun, even tough you didn't write it yourself, I feel you did the story justice.
I like that it comes over as a children's story, but it isn't exactly appropriate for children. It's obviously meant for a more mature audience.
I found the music rather annoying tough, it loops and has a very sharp sound, which may have been your intention, but I personally didn't like it. I would have chosen something mechanical sounding to fit the story, rather than something that sounds like it came out of a horror movie.

Overall, well done. I thought it was humorous and I enjoyed it.

Very strange...