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Reviews for "Whatcha-Ma-Funk"

this was pretty good although i liked the bearded dragon more before he talked his voice was kinda annoying to me

It was very odd but still good job keep up the good work.

Not exactly my humor but good voiceacting and animationstyle..

Am I crazy or does the female voiceactress indeed sound a lot like Mila Kunis.

4 Stars for Effort, Composition, Voice Acting and Idea.
-1 doesn't really hit you in the face with a really good punchline .
Keep on creating

What the FUNK did I just see?

Still, beyond my understanding, I liked it and it made me laugh. Maybe I'm satisfied to see something completly out of the ordinary, for once. Thumbs up for originality! =)

The reveal at the end was the funniest part of this cartoon. It's hilariously weird.