Reviews for "Tiny Evolution Adventure"

Very nice. You wrote the music, coded, made sprites, and all that other fun stuff in under two days? I suggest you make something else similar to this (make it longer, specifically).

AdventureIslands responds:

Yeah I think I exceeded myself with this. Sure it's not perfect but I poured lots and lots of work to get it finished. Submitted it with 2 hours remaining before deadline.

This is basically E.V.O. Search for Eden (a SNES game), only it isn't mind-numbingly boring (only because it's too short for how boring it is to become apparent), it has no story (E.V.O. barely had one but it was crap), your music is better, and you don't get to go in a menu and spend points gained from eating things on new traits and have each evolution be caused by a combination of different characteristics. Like other people have said, this is AMAZING for something you made in 48 hours, but you can vastly outdo it in a sequel. I recommend that you get a rom of E.V.O. and play it for a few hours. Long enough to try out everything but short enough that the feeling of punishment on yourself is kept to a minimum. You wouldn't need to play it all the way to the end, and I wouldn't wish that on anybody, but copy what E.V.O. did right and avoid or improve on everything else.

For a game out of lots that have been made in 48 hours, this one is actually decent.
The graphics are enjoyable, the controls are good and overall gameplay is good.
There was only one map thing that made me believe it was a platform, but made me fall to death.

The sounds and music are good too, I cannot expect anything more from a game that was made in 48 hours.

I really get it why the name is "Tiny Evolution Adventure". it is tiny indeed! But such a wonderfull game! Expecting part 2 :P

This game is amazing no questions and to the haters out there saying this is bad ill say then make your own game oh wait the haters are just little kids acting cool by being mean so now again this game is Amazing no question and thanks to the creators for working hard on this game and finishing it in under 2 days that is impressive.