Reviews for "Tiny Evolution Adventure"

That was fun =D

The layered background in the forest was a nice touch - not totally realistic, but interesting xD

I kind of expected at least one flying level, though ^^u Maybe that would have been the next one given more time?


The fresh-out-of-water level (second one) featured platform leaves and background leaves (for the worms). It would be a good idea to distinguish between them more, so that it is easier for the player to quickly distinguish what could be landed on in the middle of a fall. Right now, they look much too similar, and I have fallen through a worm-leaf more than once =9

AdventureIslands responds:

There was originally supposed to b 4th level where you would fly in the final form, but I was running out of time and had to unfortunately wrap it up with 3 stages. Glad you enjoyed the game!

i enjoyed this game i really did but i felt that it was a bit short. Still a great concept!

I really like, this game, but it would be amazing if this had more levels. I do know you made ths in under 48 hours, which was probably your overall goal, and I support that. Thisalso looks like a game that would have awesome sequels. Keep that in mind. Although, there's a little bug, where my "up" arrow key also triggers my bite animation, so I don't know what that is but I doubt anyone else has that problem.

Fun game for a quickie. Would love to see it fleshed out more, maybe add a couple more levels for each form and get to control the dragon at the end. Definitely worth a full play through.

This is a abundant game! I love the wonderful music, and the visuals are just spot on. Just so you know, it would be great if we could go on a massive rampage with that cool looking dragon, but the ending was rewarding enough, considering it wasn't that hard. This game is fairly easy, I really just don't like the tadpole part. It's ridiculously frustrating, and I would say it is the hardest level of them all! But still, fairly easy. The controls are great, but sometimes when you when you try to bite, nothing happens. I guess that's just so you can't spam right?

I really love the music in this game. With the music, you just simply cannot get that frustrated...at all! I would recommend this to all players. It's just a small little cute game that can relief some frustration from all of the hardcore games. There is also some easy big point medals to earn! I am expecting a sequel of this game. Maybe we could start at the dragon... Capital game!

AdventureIslands responds:

There was supposed to be 4th stage where you fly and go on rampage but unfortunately I didn't have time to add that in. Perhaps possible sequel will have more different forms with their own unique abilities.