Reviews for "Tiny Evolution Adventure"

Nice game for only three levels. If this was done in two days, then It would have been better if more time was put into it. Hope there's a squeal.

A simple and "cute" game (sorry if that's what you weren't going for! As others have said, it is a bit short, but a nice time killer and a break from the intense button mashers. Not bad for a 2-day developed game. I also found the controls just fine.

On the tadpole stage, some small blue fish were hidden in the rocks/background. You could see the tail if you looked hard enough, and can still eat them, but unsure whether that's a glitch or not. Also, you can die by going through the bottom holes? Huh? Kind of makes sense...

On the dinosaur stage, birds fly backwards? lol...

Wow. Make a sepel with better graphics, but my largest disappointment is that if you go down in the water you don't evolve into any kind of hark or anything. SO here are my ideas:
Make one like this but COMPLETELY underwater
And make on like this COMPLETELY in air and call them "evolution adventure 2" or "eveloution adventure 3"

A good game! I love it!

This is a overall great game, a little on the short side however. If there was a sequel to this game, I would play it.