Reviews for "Tiny Evolution Adventure"

even i don't win this game but i play for fun

awesome game that made in 48hours. thx for good game.

For a game out of lots that have been made in 48 hours, this one is actually decent.
The graphics are enjoyable, the controls are good and overall gameplay is good.
There was only one map thing that made me believe it was a platform, but made me fall to death.

The sounds and music are good too, I cannot expect anything more from a game that was made in 48 hours.

I really liked the game the lack of a flying stage was kinda sad but in a time limit some things have to be cut off. Anyways great game and I hope to see another like it out there from you.

This game is amazing no questions and to the haters out there saying this is bad ill say then make your own game oh wait the haters are just little kids acting cool by being mean so now again this game is Amazing no question and thanks to the creators for working hard on this game and finishing it in under 2 days that is impressive.