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Reviews for "Tiny Evolution Adventure"

music awsome gameplay 10/10 all who the red dino moved bit to fast and its bites was delayed or somthing and its would be great if when you evolve to last lvl you can replay all game and can eat red snakes-like things

AdventureIslands responds:

In retrospect, I should have made those jumping eels of last level into big piranhas and made the eels smaller and edible.

Loved the design of each evolutionary stage, keeping the same face etc. I do agree with StoneSyche that if you do a sequel it would be nice to see an underwater only version. In fact I would enjoy any sequel that you may make.

cool game bro cool game

Was this lagging to anyone else? Any who 5 stars!

for what it is, its awesome. I don't think I'd be able to even think of a game plot in 48 hours. Despite the little issues people have been complaining about, it is very well made in my opinion for a 2 day job. Well done.

Hopefully you will consider making a longer and better version, one you can spend more time on. I'd certainly play it. Especially if you can choose between 2 or 3 different and unique possibilities, every time you level up.

AdventureIslands responds:

I barely managed to finish the game for deadline, I think I should spend less time on graphics next time.

I am indeed thinking of making much longer sequel someday with more forms and different abilities. It's not on the top of my priorities list currently, though.