Reviews for "Tiny Evolution Adventure"

Loved the little creature you play as ^^ Hope to see more games like this.

ok this game is hard and now it SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Way too short and easy for my type. ._.

The game was a little bit hard, but I beat it.

This game looks like it was influenced by the SNES game 'E.V.O. - Search for Eden'. Same concept, gameplay, (minus the ability to choose your evolutionary trait) and similar graphical style. That being said, E.V.O. happens to be one of my favorite games from way back when, so this gave me a pleasant feeling of nostalgia. I always wondered why the style was never really used again, in console games or otherwise. Anyway, your tiny adventure was short and sweet, and never got a chance to become boring. Great work!