Reviews for "Tiny Evolution Adventure"

Well done! I thoroughly enjoyed this game, though I feel that if you had put more work into it (i.e. making it longer and getting different attacks with the different evolutions) this would have made one of the best games on here. Hope to see more in the future.

I really like this game, I find too few "evolution" games out there that aren't all about fish, I especially like how in this game it grows to a dragon! 4 stars for my favourite type of game and for making it so well!

On a side note though, I think in a future make of this game it would be awesome to have some time to further your story or to lay eggs(and raise them). Another thing that would make this game awesome would be if you can unlock different evolutions of the little evo-creature!^^

un juego corto pero genial :D

Man, these Lundum Games all turn out great, at least the ones that end up on NG! This was a nice adventure, short yet a lot of fun, and the graphics are all well done, the controls easy and the music new for each level. Sitting on the mountain listening to the final fanfare was an inspiring end. Thanks for making this! :)


Fun! But short :)