Reviews for "RatPak"

A very good game,very funny and very long game :D.Good work,I'm waiting more games from you,but please with better resolution,the image it's to small.

SinclairStrange responds:

Cheers, glad you like it =).
You can resize the game you know, with the resize option!

I find it fun too, except I do not appreciate the sentences like "Idiot", "You suck" or any of the shit you wrote. You think it's so easy to pass through a level when you said that, isn't it? Me with a problem? Nope, you are the one with the problem for being rude. Cut down 1.5 STARS for such kind of thing.

Music & graphics are ok, so it's no big issue to me, only a 0.5 STAR loss.

An improvement I can suggest is the fall rate, sometimes the G force for going down is just too fast. You need to tone that especially for the further levels, everybody wants to win but what you made with that strong fall force is sometimes just too much. People can pass the time, but making it too frustrating is not cool as well. :(

But overall, 3 Star is the total score.

SinclairStrange responds:

Yanno, I actually forgot I put those text in for restarting. Silly me. It's actually meant as a joke towards my girlfriend when she playtests my stuff. (As a harmless little joke, so please don't take offence, just be annoyed I forgot to change back to "restart") I'll make it up to you with an E-Cookie.

Other than that, thanks for the review, I'll take note of the fall-rate in games like this next time =).

Fun game that functions well and is interesting. I beat the red boss twice and I didn't get the medal for it so I believe that this medal isn't working. Still, a useless appendage like a medal doesn't affect how awesome this game was. I still would have liked to have gotten the medal though so if this is ever fixed please say something.

SinclairStrange responds:

I might of fixed the medal issue now, although I had no problem in the first place. Strange.
(Hopefully it's all fine now.)


SinclairStrange responds:

Thanks! =)