Reviews for "RatPak"

Ok,i have only 3 words to say about this game...WHAT THE F.
I mean realy,5 of the easy stages were infuriatingly hard as specialy the boss at RED stages.
I cant even beat lvl 4 of the BLUE STAGES...
Yeah, good game but its very hard!!!

the games could be more fun if it wasn't so difficult i know it's challenging but the game is just too hard but the graphics and music are good. this is deffinitelly a game not to recomend to people who have anger problems,but it could have been a better game.

RED 14 CAN GO EFF ITSELF. Its fun but infuriatingly hard

fun game loved the pixel graphic's

Excellent, just excellent. It has good graphics and gameplay. A challenge worth playing, I love it. I definitely will complete this game.