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Reviews for "Strong Pokemon"

idk why but that made my day! i love that swimmer had a boombox for the sound LOL

Priceless. Boy does that bring back memories of trying to start my quest with all three gen 1 starters after having traded for them. My favorite part was the phone call btw.


Great voice acting to some pretty slick animation.

To keep things fresh with parodies, we gotta be told jokes that haven't been done before, and/or add your own twist to whatever you're parody-ing. I think you've done both really well.

Great flash, really liked it. Charizard voice actor was brilliant, as with the rest of em.

lol! a crap whos as wild as a sick wild pork!

THE BEST ANIMATION I'VE SEEN IN LIKE A YEAR! maybe not the most visually stunning movie, but definetly the one who made me actually laugh to the point of making me go back on my chair and just laugh! your comedic timing is great, the jokes were really cool and obviously aimed at a spesific audience (every pokemon master out there like my self) and the whole thing was just great. favorited it! make more whit this level of humor! :D