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Reviews for "Strong Pokemon"

We should do it again sometime :D. I really liked the characters, the swimmer is a total winner. I'm looking forward to your future stuff :)

Thought the whole thing was done well.
The voice actors were brilliant.
Made me laugh, especially the very last second :3 so true.
Well done, keep it up.

Reminds me of that 1st season.

Really liked it. The voice work was great, thought the swimmer's voice was brilliant and it really reminded me of someone but can't put my finger on it. The art was great, the bright colours made it feel quite like a pokemon episode.

I liked how you kept with the usual pokemon parody memes (the phonecalls, weak rattatas) but also added some that seemed new to me; I've never seen somebody use "not enough badges" as a plot device before.

Overall, yeah really enjoyed it, great parody which added new content to a subject which has been parodied to death.

awesome animation, brilliant voice actors - what else could you want in an animation ?