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Reviews for "Strong Pokemon"

aww ash is adorable in this :3

animation was unique, and looked really good, i like your style!
very good audio, voice acting
funny story
short but long enough
overall, nothing to complain about

MangaFood responds:

thanks :)

pretty funny, could have been longer though

Do you see those claws? They could shred a tank!

MangaFood responds:

argh... Crab.. battle...

Awesome parody: Check
Great voice acting: Check
Made me laugh: Check
Reference to Youngster Joey's so-called top percentage Rattata: Check

I also liked that the lack of badges made Ash's Charizard disobey him, keep it up!

MangaFood responds:

ah, had i known it was a reference to youngster joey, i probably would have taken that out. I just thought it was kinda funny.