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Reviews for "Strong Pokemon"

This was really good great job, was funny too.
5 stars

I disagree with McGooTheWise, i think you did an excellent job with the jokes and this was really well done, sure you see animations just like this a lot these days but i feel like you sure put enough work to deserve having this on the front page because i wouldn't have been able to make anything as good as this. So just a message for the author, Don't say that you'll suck less next time, this animation was well made and gave me a nice laugh i was looking for. Besides as you keep making more animations you'll keep on improving as well. So basically, NICE JOB!! ^^ don't know if i said too much, haha sorry

I dont know what McGooTheWise was going on about but I liked this a lot. Nicely animated and pretty background art/art in general.


"You remember when you killed all my pokemon? and took all my money?"


"We should do it again sometime."


5/5 BOTH and faved!

MangaFood responds:

thanks :P

It's relatable if you played the games, but it wasn't really interesting. I'm curious, actually, how this made it to front page. It's not terrible, but it seems like if you rip of Egoraptor's or OneyNG's art style on Newgounds you automatically get front page anymore, and that even stands if your cartoon isn't even clever. I don't think this deserves the praise its getting.

MangaFood responds:

ya, I'll try to suck less next time.