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Reviews for "Strong Pokemon"

Very new and very refreshing , atleast on newgrounds.

Yes I am the guy who points out simmilarities to ego and oney, and no, you are not simmilar to them.

You are you, and that's why the funniness felt 10 times funnier.

Good job and I look forward to more amazing stuff from you in the future.

If crabby was to talk he would have most definetly said the quote "Ready or not b@$#%, here come my bubbles". I'v had that problem too in red version. this brings me back to the good old days and i must say this pretty much sums up how I feel when playing at times (minus the bathroom and the guy taking a dump). good video.

This is exactly how the Pokemon game universe works. You captured the feeling of it perfectly. Excellent artwork and animation that fit with the feel of the parody itself.

omg the bubble hahaha!!!!

I like it. You should make more.