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Reviews for "Strong Pokemon"

The phone call definately sold me on this vid. His voice was so scincere XD

"Charizard is loafing around..."

More like at a RAVE!

Anyways, this was awesome! I loved the artwork and it was awesome funny! The humor was spot on, and that among everything else is appreciatable. This is a must watch for any fans of Pokemon. In my opinion anyways.

Hahahahaha hilarious

holy crap that was funny omg that made me the absolute happiest

Hey! I made an account, LONG time lurker here man. I would get on here when I was like 13? 21 now. Anyways, HUGE pokemon fan. I play the game competitively via Pokemon Online. [: I know Pokemon like the back of my hand, and I'll be the first to say I'm a huge nerd over it.

I saw some comments here on the art style? Did anyone see the inside of the pokeball? Or the random trainer who called Ash? Obviously he can draw REALLY well, I'm pretty sure the "inconsistent" style used here is to emphasize the humorous parts. I for one liked how you made Ash and everyone sort of "chibi", or animeish when they went into the background. I think you did very well on the expressions, and the Swimmer is SPOT on. The voice for Charizard is perfect, dude. Ash could have been a little better, but upon reflection he's got that whole kinda oblivious feel to the voice so hey, I do like it. [:

I laughed my ass off, literally. When he grabbed ash man that just killed me. The bubble beam in the end is good too, because I mean it's happened to me before man!

I had to make this account, the pokemon shorts that have been coming out lately are hilarious. Like Pikachu on Acid. But yours man, this was great. No boring spots, just quick laughs one after another. That's talent man. The artwork, despite what everyone else has said was perfect. Pokemon humor is hard to hit the nail on the head but I think you got it here man. Good shit. <3

MangaFood responds:

hey.. thanks man..