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Reviews for "Strong Pokemon"

yay........ another pokemon animation...... these got old a lloonnnggg time ago.

The good old days, where half naked men swim the oceans forever until they find a kid riding a lapras to battle, and where Joey's Rattata was in the top percentage of Rattata.

Awesome video. I thought that the comments would hype the phone call too much and make it not quite funny, but I gotta' say, it took the cake. Great video!

The voice of the guy on the phone is funny.

Dude, your animation style is teh shiat. I am pleased.

Also the video was funny of course. I guess you know that.

HILARIOUS! This made me laugh pretty hard, man. XD Seriously do more like this. I especially loved the voices, best part, IMO. But, do try to make them longer. This just seemed too short.