Reviews for "Name That Bill"

awesomeness at its finest :)

PhantomCat responds:

A rare vintage, but I prefer February 2013 awesomeness


PhantomCat responds:


Nice, got 50/50 but i need help for the secrets and alternative portaits, i have found the secrets:
Space(press space)
HI, BILLY MAYS HERE: press caps lock(or shift lock)

PhantomCat responds:

Yeah, thanks for writing them out in the reviews. Really helps keep the mystery. I tried to reply to your message, but you have your PM thing set to contacts-only.

this is a really nice quiz game, i enjoyed it alot!

i originally played this back on 2013, and i got a score of ''BILL NYE, the science guy'', (almost perfect), on MY FIRST TRY. (i was that good). this happened on the 27th of july, in 2013.
after some time had passed, i decided to meditate and to return more determined in the holy halls of bill, and to conquer everything on my path.
so, on the 1st of august, in 2013, i won the PERFECT score, and i got a ''bill murray'' rank of bill-expertise in the knowledge of bills.

so, after reaching such a top-tier highscore, and achieving such a great honour, only one thing was left for me: to compete for the lowest ranks, in order to win all the other awards.
i can't believe how many bills exist in this game.

my faves are: bill nye(the science guy), bill murray, billiam wallace, billiam the conqueror, buffalo bill, and billi bob thorton, to name a few.
im also proud to say that i also belong in the hallowed halls of bill, since i am also a bill(iardball)10.
ah, the sweet taste of success and glory.
it feels like pancakes. with ketchup.

overall, a good game, with many multiple choices, many bills to be found(and named), and an interesting game to play.
you can learn about many bill's of the world from that game, LOL!
also it has good medals, and solid actionscripting.

nice work P.C.-clock.
you did a nice game.
keep it up!

Great game!

PhantomCat responds:

Awwyuh thanks brochambeau