Reviews for "Airborne Wars"

on Breaf of Air... i couldnt get the air bases... was it a bug or what??? any ways... NICE GAME!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Great game. Reminded me of mushroom wars, and that aint a bad thing ;)

Just an exceptional game. Simple concept, executed very well. I really enjoy the balance of RTS and puzzle game you got with this; there aren't a lot of games that really make you feel SMART. Great level design, great enemy AI, good look and feel. When I beat the game, I really felt like I'd accomplished something. If I had any constructive criticism, I'd say a wider-screen mode would be nice, as the scrolling was pretty clumsy and had me at a loss sometimes. Also maybe quality options because the game really started lagging by Oasis.

good strategy game :P

clever shit, I should be a general when ww3 comes around