Reviews for "Raising Lazarus"

Using art to teach religion is a much better way than those faith pushers you see getting their message across with fear rather than love.
You're voice was soothing yet bolstered with confidence.
Though being agnostic myself, i still found appreciation of the work you displayed, colors you placed, and motion you tweened.

Pretty neat work pfit.

One of the rare Jesus flash movies that contains no blasphemy, and it was great! Kudos.

Needs more lulz though.

WIth all these parodies(some are good,the other...well) on the frontpage,I'm freakin' glad to see one serious flash movie,the power of God compels u fellow parodies! (Just kiddin')

I am a believer in Jesus... I found this submition to be a fresh and appealing take on what the scriptures say. Regardless if you're a believer or not, or if your faith is differente than mine I must tell you that you're doing a great job.

I'd like to see more stuff like this

I watched this because of my name but great story nontheless. I'm not religious tho.