Reviews for "Raising Lazarus"

This was quite the religious experience.
Spoken as a catholic christian.

just giving 3 starts because i dont believe in god n such but the animation was decent (at least better then i could do) but for the subject etc it didnt interest me at all

i thought that this is the best jesus related animation i have ever seen. you will be critizised a LOT (as you have already seen in previous reviews) but i aplaud you for taking a stand and making an animation that is well made and has the word of God for people to hear AND watch :D

now for the actual animation. it was simple, everything was done very simple and i believe this works because the focus point of this project is the story and the narration. i really enjoyed watching a Jesus that is not the steriotypical white robe and long hair. Jesus dressed just like everyone else in his time, so it was really cool to see Jesus rocking a hairstyle similar to my own :P

keep adding the small humor nuggets here in there! when she gives the guy an evelope to send a message was funny, and when Lazarus got out of the tomb all wrapped up was funny too, because most people don't think about how he was wrapped up because the whole "my flesh is rotten already"

great job man! you have been added to my favorites ;)

Overall, it was an excellent animation. I liked how the mouths actually looked like they were saying the words, as opposed to just randomly opening and closing, which you see in a lot of animations. My only issue with it is how the hands, whenever someone was speaking, were essentially in the same position every time. All in all, a great rendition of a great story. Keep up the good work brother. :)

Great animation, but we have so many preaching cartoons it's not really worth watching, especially if you're not a Christian. That's fine if you are and are making it for believers but do you think this is the right forum for making such an animation considering it also contains hentai porn cartoons and sick and twisted animations? Animation was fine but even the Greeks had more entertaining mythologies.