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Reviews for "Nude Hunter"

one thing i must say, that music is great!! :D

gameplay-wise its okay, but lacks a goal and probably more stages. Right now it seems quite aimless...

its a nice little game it would be better if you made it longer and a better variety of upgrades that arent just dropped by the animals and should be bought in the store hence making it longer, also give it a story or reason as to why he's shooting animals mindlessly then randomly aquiring clothes. A few mid way boss battles against huge animals would be nice to and again variety with everything clothes, food, pick ups, and animals.

thats all i have to say other than that i say its a really great game and could be something big just keep working on it :)

I like the concept but for some reason things were slow on my end and the animals were just sort of giving up on living and not putting up any sort of fight.

It's ok. It feels kind of sloppy and slow paced. I don't mind casual, but it gets kind of boring. Upgrades need more stuff. it feels like the first version of a better game.

was really fun! i enjoyed it!