Reviews for "Galactic Explorer"

it is really good beat :D your second best i think(undeath core forever :D)

Well, well, what have we got here.
Another masterpiece fron Djjaner!
Always love coming back here, and listening to your songs to lift my mood :D.(especially chipstep)
Keep your great work up.
~~~~CoSS, Out~~~~
|Welcome to the Wasteland|

I imagine a guy traveling in a strange planet with this song. Awesome work

Nice intro! Really liked the arps coming in. Also the drums came in with style! You kinda changed it around from DnB to drumstep, which is pretty interesting as well. The mastering and mixing is well done! I like some of the audio effects you put in. Keep up the good work!

Djjaner responds:

thank you very much :)

Really good! I really enjoyed it. I FREAKEN love chipstep :)

Djjaner responds:

thanks :D