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Reviews for "Fall Of The Dead"

A game that leaves you with a 'Wait, was that it?' feeling isn't a good game in any way. I didn't get challenged a single bit throughout the entire game. I mean really! Let me tell you how to win this game faster than you can make toast.

A: Buy a deagle and upgrade pistols.
C: Shoot.
D: Buy the best machine-gun and upgrade the machine-gun.
E: Shoot.
F: Win.

Also, no final boss or anything? No story? Nothing?

Also, just to double-check: There were only 16 levels in the game, right?

my game wont load :( but i will give you a fair rating anyway

Would make a decent zombie-type game for Newgrounds

Nice game in my opinions, the gun maybe need a little balance thought... the minigun just make you invincible...

Not just some kinds of challenges. . .
Alright, time to play! Read the instructions, checked the controls, now I'm on the leve=l select screen... Okay, already I'm having some trouble. Part of it's my shitty computer, but there are also a whole bunch of completely unnessecary special effects-- like the transition between screens is a fadeout (which makes me lag) and the logo on the main menu bounces in from the side instead of just being there. Why?
...tutorial level. Is it just me, or does it feel like I'm walking through glass? I'm not sure, but I don't think that these survivors are gonna have any problem with zombies if they can handle me emptying my gun into them. Aw man, I was kind of hoping the doors would squish zombies caught in them as they closed. Fade to black, tutorial over.
Or... kinda? Oh, it's more of the instructions thing. Okay. So, "personas" can get infected. I opened the door but the zombies went for me instead of the survivors. Right now I'm typing this without pausing because I killed all but one of the Zs and ran to the other side of the room. Okay, saved everyone, now to kill the last Z. Hey-- is this-- are those the sprites from endless zombie rampage?
Okay, box tutorial. Got a survivor infected on this one, also took my first hit from a zombie.
Barrier tutorial. WHOA! those go SUPER fast when they get hit by Zs! It's like, half-health. You need at least one of them to go before you can kill anything anyway, so I shot one until it was like, 25% but then the zombie came up and just fucking decimated. Other than that... standard procedure.
You know what would make this game more playable? some Newgrounds Achievements attached to it.
Okay... I died on whatever level this was. After shooting the first box a bunch (because I couldn't tell if it said SOS or Z, seriously, wtf is with the black shit on the edges of the screen??), I went to the bottom to shoot some guys and found myself overrun, because I'm a greedy bastard and obviously have to have all of the gold, and because I can easily outrun a zombie.
Wait, why am I losing health? I'm moving away from the zombie. I can EASILY OUTRUN OHGODWHATSGOINGON