Reviews for "Lonely No More 2"

Hi-ho ?

I decided to play this game (and the one before it when I saw this one was a sequel) because of the title being the same as a Vonnegut book, you should look it up some time.

Other than this bearing no resemblance to the book (after my initial disappointment there-of) this was a sweet and simple story. and the gameplay, while frustrating at times, made a great accompaniment and counterpoint to the story. Near the end I could feel hisdetermination to reach his beloved. Nice game.

Good game and good storyline. The last level did prove to be the most annoying when you fall down to near bottom and sometimes the characters barely respond to a key response. But overall 4.5 stars.

It is really good, but I found a bug. On level 11, the mid-level block on the very right, I jumped with the white guy and got stuck IN the block and fell off the side kind of like in the game Shift. I could walk in the black area but not get out.

Other than that, a very fun game.

i actually just made an account to tell you how much i love your music.
also, i love this type of game. how it tells a story the whole way through. good job!

Great game, but level 20 was a pain to beat.
I loved the music and graphics.
Oh, and I got stuck in the wall one, but that's not a big deal.
Overall: Good game.