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Reviews for "Breakfast"

Was pretty boring. Good job though.

This game was good but it lacks something. That something is bacon.

Hah, nice simple game. It's quite charming, and the difficulty is just right. The multiple endings encourage more than one playthrough, so the shortness isn't actually a bad thing.
I don't usually rate five full stars, but I can't actually think of anything that would improve this little game. For what it's supposed to be, it's all good.

Is the player character Michael J Fox, by any chance?

This was a really good way to burn some time, you did an awesome job making this. Although I feel that my character has motor problems shaking eggs, toast, and cereal like that.

Not a bad game, I like it for the limitations you put on yourself, and it's not a bad story and mechanism.

BUT WHAT A FUCKING BITCH ! What, I didn't put blueberries in your cereal after making everything else PERFECTLY so I can't get a 2nd date ? SERIOUSLY.

Okay, I know you had to have it that way so people would have a reason to try and get a perfect ending, but I had to say it.