Reviews for "Breakfast"

Its simple and its frustrating. I love it!

Very simple game. Got all the achievements after a little bit of trying. First I missed on the grapefruit... then I could not get the cereal right... lol. I just wish there was a liitle more to it.

It was hard to see what was so appealing about this, as not much happened in it. I guess I have to give you props for making a game that's easy to understand. It was weird how easy it was to get the bad ending. I also felt there could have been some more sounds in this. I think it works as a really quick game, but isn't really worth checking out. It's rather bland.

Of course, it was just meant to be a story about breakfeast. I was thinking a dinosaur on a jetpack was going to pop up on some point. There's nothing wrong with mundane stuff. In the part with the coffee, I didn't know how to do it and just got lucky. The medals don't show up now.

This is a fun and short one button flash. Making breakfast in a game, sure why not? The medals work, and I earned them all. Look forward to your sequel.

Good Work gio-m. This is a good designed, butt challenging game.
I got a perfect breakfest after the 32nd attempt.

Art 9.5 / 10 I like the original pixalated graphics, it makes the game just look right.

Music 8 / 10 The song is a catchy tune.

Plot 10/10 I like the simple and short plot of this story.

Overall Rating 9.5/ 10 Good game in my personal opinion.

THX for reading you beatufil people - UltimatiumMatrix