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Reviews for "Toons These Days: Ep 8"

butch hartman really didn't used to bother me, but now he does, he feels like a 70's sitcom wroter who won't die already, your guy's monologue is great and brings out the cranky old man in all of us

I don't know if my last review requesting a review of Total Drama influenced your decision to do it next, but regardless, I can't wait.

As for the cartoon, good work as always. I've found Doggy's curmudgeonly demeanor to be pretty charming, but almost too clean. I don't know if you're trying to keep ALL of these PG, but I'd love to see him rip Total Drama to shreds. As for T.U.F.F. Puppy, I hate Butch Hartman's work, so I can't help but want to believe that Doggy's opinion reflects your own.

I was disappointed till the twist at the end. Nice cartoon as always Doodley.

Why was he in a jail cell?

Man it would be hilarious if this show was actully aired on cartoon nework, It would be awesome to see one of these shorts aired after every episode!

is it sad that i got every joke, reference and point made in these video? haha anyway love your work man keep it up.